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Politics and government are major industries that employ millions of people across a wide variety of roles. For those interested in a career in the political sphere, there are many potential jobs and positions to pursue. However, some political jobs are more coveted than others due to their influence, prestige, and potential for impact.

This article will examine the top 20 political jobs that job seekers are currently trying to gain employment in. We will analyze what makes each role appealing, what qualifications and experience are needed to be a strong candidate, and what the job outlook is like for these coveted political positions.

1. Elected Official

Being an elected official at any level of government, whether local, state, or federal, is one of the most sought-after political jobs. Individuals aiming for these positions include mayors, governors, senators, representatives, council members, aldermen, and more. These roles come with a great deal of influence and ability to impact communities and constituencies. However, they also require successfully running and winning elections.

Qualifications for elected office vary but generally require residency in the district you wish to represent, sufficient experience and education to serve effectively, strong communication and campaigning abilities, fundraising prowess, and more. The job outlook for elected positions depends greatly on the political climate but openings emerge regularly through retirements, resignations, and redistricting.Learn more about elected officials.

2. Campaign Manager

Experienced campaign managers are always in high demand to spearhead campaigns at all levels of government. Their role is to formulate overall campaign strategy, oversee day-to-day operations, manage staffers, cultivate the candidate's public image, handle PR, direct fundraising efforts, and serve as the central point person for the entire campaign. Strong multitasking abilities, political savvy, thick skin, long hours, and high stress levels come with the territory.

Qualifications include campaign experience, people management skills, strategic thinking, budget and numbers acumen, public speaking, crisis management, and calm under pressure. Those with successful track records running previous campaigns have a leg up. The job outlook is decent as elections are always taking place, providing continuous openings.Read more about campaign managers on Wikipedia.

3. Political Consultant

Political consultants leverage their political expertise and strategy abilities to provide consulting services to elected officials, candidates, parties, PACs, interest groups, governments, and more. Their goal is to shape their client's messaging and positions to resonate with voters and the general public.

Qualifications include substantial experience working in government and/or campaigns, political strategy and messaging expertise, research skills, media relations savvy, excellent communication and presentation abilities, and strong critical thinking. Those with past successes as strategists are most in demand. The job outlook is growing steadily along with overall rising election costs and demand for expert consultants.

4. Legislative Staffer

Working as a staffer for an elected legislator is a highly sought after job, providing the chance to develop and shape policy directly. Legislative staffers perform duties like communicating with constituents, conducting research, assisting with committee work, tracking legislation, campaigning, liaising with lobbyists, and more. Strong writing skills and long hours are par for the course.

Qualifications include campaign experience, public policy knowledge, research abilities, constituent service skills, political savvy, and verbal and written communication proficiency. Openings emerge frequently with changes in legislative sessions and personnel. Washington D.C. offers the most legislative staffer jobs.Learn more about legislative staffer roles.

5. Political Director

Political directors, also known as party officers, are in demand to oversee state and local party operations and strategy. Their core duty is bolstering the party's strength and candidate pipeline in the region they operate. This involves directing grassroots mobilization, voter outreach, party messaging, fundraising, and recruitment.

Needed qualifications include substantial campaign experience, grassroots organizing skills, leadership and team management, data analysis, budgeting know-how, and strong communication abilities. Openings emerge frequently with party leadership changes. Larger, more competitive states offer the most job opportunities.Read more about the role of political directors.

6. Lobbyist

Lobbying is a thriving industry and experienced lobbyists are valued to influence legislation and regulatory policy on behalf of special interest groups, corporations, non-profits, foreign entities, and others. Lobbyist duties include researching policy issues, meeting with lawmakers and staff, testifying at hearings, and running advocacy campaigns.

Qualifications include expertise in a specific policy area, legal and political process knowledge, coalition building skills, and high ethical standards. Many obtain a JD degree. Openings are available as interest groups across all industries seek lobbying representation. Washington D.C. offers the most active lobbying job market.Learn more about what lobbyists do.

7. Congressional Staffer

Working on Capitol Hill as a staffer for a member of Congress is a fast-paced, prestigious position at the heartbeat of national politics. Congressional staffers help draft legislation, meet with lobbyists and constituents, handle communications like press releases and speeches, and assist with committee work.

Qualifications include strong writing skills, legal and policy knowledge, campaign experience, prior congressional internships, and connections on the Hill. Openings occur frequently with changes in Congressional membership. Highly competitive but provides unmatched exposure.Read more about Congressional staffers on Wikipedia.

8. Political Reporter

Political reporting is an in-demand journalism specialty covering elections, legislation, and national issues for print, broadcast, and online media outlets. Political reporters interview key figures, investigate political issues, cover campaigns, analyze polls, and interpret policy developments.

Needed skills include writing ability, substantiated sourcing, broadcast charisma or writing aptitude depending on the medium, and deep political process understanding. Degrees in journalism, communications or political science are preferred. Openings emerge frequently due to high turnover. Political reporting hotbeds like D.C. and NYC have the most opportunities.

9. Policy Analyst

Policy analysts are sought after by government agencies, think tanks, NGOs, advocacy groups, and private corporations to research and analyze specific policy issues. They evaluate pending legislation, assess policy impacts, and provide recommendations to inform policymaking.

Qualifications include research skills, issue expertise, analytical abilities, writing proficiency, and a degree in a relevant policy field. Job growth is steady for qualified analysts. Openings span many policy domains like healthcare, economic policy, education, environment, and more.Learn more about policy analysts on Wikipedia.

10. Political Scientist

Academic roles as political science professors and researchers are highly sought in addition to political scientist openings with think tanks and R&D firms. Their work involves research and analysis of political systems, processes, behaviors, cultures, and relations between governing bodies.

Typical requirements are a PhD in political science, research and academic writing skills, and subject matter expertise in a subfield like American politics, comparative politics, geopolitics, etc. Tenured and tenure-track professor openings are very competitive.Learn more about becoming a political scientist.

11. Pollster

Skilled pollsters have their pick of top opportunities helping political candidates, parties, and interest groups gain insights through designing surveys, conducting polls, analyzing data, and interpreting public opinion. Their polling informs high-level strategy and messaging.

Must-haves are statistical and survey methods expertise, data analysis skills, political and policy process knowledge, and the ability to translate findings into strategic recommendations. Openings are steadiest leading up to major elections but available year-round.Learn more about political pollsters and polling on Wikipedia.

12. Civil Servant

Public sector jobs as civil servants in government departments and agencies provide stable career opportunities to work on major policy issues. sought-after federal civil service roles include policy advisor, legislative liaison, program analyst, and specialist positions based on qualifications.

Typical requirements include relevant education, policy or subject-matter experience, skillsets matched to role duties like research, data analysis, comms, etc, and the ability to meet eligibility rules. Hiring needs fluctuate by agency but openings are fairly consistent.Read more about the civil service on Wikipedia.

13. Political Commentator

Media roles as on-air political commentators and contributors analyzing elections, legislation, and current affairs for major television networks have surging appeal. Commentators provide real-time insights and perspectives on political developments.

Needed qualifications include on-camera broadcast experience, deep political and policy process expertise, and the ability to provide clear commentary on unfolding events. Openings are limited but emerge with personnel changes. Partisan balance is often considered.Learn how to become a political commentator.

14. Campaign Operative

Experienced campaign operatives have their choice of job opportunities assisting high-profile federal, state, and local campaigns with key functions like polling, opposition research, fundraising, surrogate recruitment, get out the vote (GOTV), and more based on their specialty areas.

Must-haves are in-depth campaign experience in relevant niche disciplines like polling or fundraising, political instincts and savvy, and a very flexible schedule. Openings vary seasonally with most jobs coinciding with major campaign cycles leading up to elections.Learn more about campaign operatives on Wikipedia.

15. Political Speechwriter

Speechwriting for presidents, prime ministers, legislators, party leaders, candidates, and other major political figures is an increasingly prestigious career path. Speechwriters research issues, shape messaging and narrative, and write major addresses.

Necessary skills include excellent writing ability, storytelling prowess, research capabilities, message discipline, and ability to channel a speaker's voice. Openings emerge with changes in administrations and shifts in prominent political personnel.Learn more about political speechwriting.

16. Ambassador

Representing your nation abroad as an ambassador or foreign envoy is a highly coveted diplomatic role. Key duties include advancing national interests, negotiating with foreign governments, gathering intelligence, and leading a diplomatic mission and embassy staff.

Traditional requirements are subject matter and language expertise related to country of posting, foreign service experience, leadership and management skills. Political appointments are also common. Openings vary by administration.Read more about serving as ambassador on Wikipedia.

17. Campaign Aide

Early career openings as campaign aides, assistants, and junior staff offer great on-ramp opportunities to gain experience assisting high-level campaigns, legislators, and elected officials. Entry-level duties often include administrative work, constituent services, and basic campaign tasks.

Qualifications include political internships or volunteer experience, public policy or government knowledge, administrative skills, work ethic, and flexibility. Openings surge leading up to major elections but available year-round.Learn more about political campaign aides on Wikipedia.

18. Issues Advocacy Campaign Manager

Managing issue advocacy campaigns for key causes and interest groups is increasingly appealing, allowing the ability to drive impact on topics like healthcare, environment, education, gun reform, and more. Responsibilities include developing campaign strategy, organizing grassroots advocacy, generating public awareness, and lobbying decision-makers.

Needed qualifications include substantial campaign management experience, grassroots organizing expertise, exceptional communication skills, leadership capabilities, and passion for the issue. Openings are continuous across many cause areas and nonprofits.Learn more about issue advocacy campaigns on Wikipedia.

19. Political Party Official

Becoming an official within national, state, or local party leadership structures provides insider influence. Coveted roles include state party chair, national committee member, president/vice president of national party committees, convention delegates, and party precinct chairs.

Typical requirements are party loyalty, active involvement, networking relationships, campaign experience, political instincts, leadership skills, fundraising capabilities, and high energy. Openings vary by election cycles and shifts in party control.Learn about leadership roles in national party committees.

20. Press Secretary

Serving as press secretary for a prominent elected official, government agency, candidate campaign, or political party provides highly influential opportunities to control messaging through the media. Press secretaries handle public relations, manage crisis communications, advise principals, and guide media narratives.

Critical skills include public speaking, media training, writing and messaging ability, social media savvy, ability to thrive under pressure, political instincts, and mastery of sensitive issues. Openings coincide with changes in administrations and key personnel shifts.

This covers the top 20 most coveted and sought-after political jobs spanning many areas of government, campaigns, media, and advocacy. Opportunities exist at all levels from entry-level to senior roles. Gaining the right qualifications, experience and connections can help open doors to fulfilling political careers.


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