How We Work

  1. Job PostedOrganizations such as campaigns, legislative offices, political consulting firms, and others have an open role to fill. The job is posted on the Republican Jobs website.
  2. Applicants ApplyApplicants apply and interview with a Republican Jobs Placement Specialist to discuss current and future opportunities that best fit their political skill set and goals.
  3. Applicant ReferralRepublican Jobs refers applicants. The hiring/contracting organization then chooses whom they want to interview. Based on an organization’s preference, an organization’s name is not disclosed to an applicant until an interview is requested.
  4. InterviewThe organization interviews the applicant and decides whom they would like to hire or contract. Note that the decision is strictly up to the organization, not Republican Jobs.
  5. Other OpportunitiesIf there is no immediate opening or an applicant is not chosen by an employer, Republican Jobs may alert applicants via email and text message for new opportunities.
  6. PlacementAn applicant is placed successfully in a Republican Job.

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“Republican Jobs helped me get a great campaign job in Nevada. I enjoy canvassing in support of great candidates like the Governor’s Race!”

Jessica S., Nevada